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Cook the noodles into cold noodles with sauce, it's so delicious!

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  • Cook the noodles into cold noodles with sauce, it's so delicious!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   --------  The article is translated from the article published by Baijiahao Sourcehe
Many people say that the mix noodles are not delicious, tasteless, and some people say that the noodles are not tough and chewy, not smooth like cooked noodles. In fact, that's because the method is wrong when doing mix noodles, add a step will be ok. "When the noodles are cooked, remove it into the cold water for a few minutes", the noodles are smooth and delicious. The sauce is also the key, I am relatively lazy, is to prepare the sauce in advance or buy ready-made pickles, add noodles and stir evenly to eat.
noodle production line
Mix noodles to want to taste, need to master 3 skills: the choice of the first noodles, noodles to choose high quality egg noodles, this kind of noodles have light wheat fragrance, smooth, high nutrition. Second: noodles to boil water after the noodles into the noodles, cooked out, supercooled water, quickly cool the noodles, noodles will not become glop. Third: noodles sauce, spicy, seafood taste, chives, or the simplest soy sauce, pepper sauce, salt, chives, cilantro and other stir evenly. Here's how:
Ingredients: egg noodles, clam chilli sauce, coriander, carrot, cold soy sauce. One of the noodles I choose is the egg noodles, so noodles fragrant slippery, light wheat flavor, very delicious.
Step 1: peel the carrots, rinse and shred. Rinse and drain the cilantro. Set aside all ingredients. Mix noodles still can add bean sprout, lettuce, oilseed vegetable, can eat raw or scald very hot can eat vegetable, more vegetables, mouthfeel good nutrition is rich.
Step 2: the pot into the right amount of water to boil, put in the noodles, cook soft, stir with chopsticks to loose noodles, so that it can be quickly cooked. How to tell if the noodles are cooked: if they can be broken with chopsticks and have white hearts in them, they are not yet cooked. If gently a clip to break, that is overcooked.
Step 3: remove the cooked noodles, quickly subcool the water, how to remove and drain the water, into a plate. Under the cold water, can let the noodles quickly cool, noodles Q bounce, jin daoxiang slippery.
Step 4: wash the pot, pour in the right amount of water, after boiling again into the carrot silk, scald cooked remove, subcooled water.
Step 5: noodles, shredded carrots, clam chilli sauce, coriander, soy sauce, stir clockwise. The noodles at this time are fragrant, fragrant, smooth and delicious.
[Warm tips]
1. Quality noodles without black spots, light wheat fragrance, long cooking will not stick, after cooking will not glop. 
2. When cooking noodles, if the bubbles are too large, you can add cold water once, so that the noodles are easy to cook and will not burn. 
3. The sauce can be added as you like, or you can chop up the pepper with your own cooking. 
4. After the noodles are cooked, supercool the noodles and allow them to cool down quickly, so that the noodles will not stick together and become smooth.