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Cook instant noodles to put the noodle cake or seasoning first?

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Cook instant noodles to put the noodle cake or seasoning first?
Instant noodles is a snack that a lot of people like to eat, a lot of family is standing there, coming home late from work or don't know what I want, you can cook a bowl of instant noodles, had both can fill the stomach and admire, and now the instant noodles taste is also very much, like to braise in soy sauce, pickles, spicy taste is also very popular, such as in general we are eating instant noodles, soaking in addition to eat that also can choose cooked, eating cooked instant noodles taste more good, noodle chewiness broth.
Cook instant noodles is a very simple thing, even at the age of eight children also will do, generally when we cook instant noodles, is to wait until after a pot of water to boil into the bread, and add the seasoning, but today he is to tell you, in this way cook instant noodles, taste the flavor of the oil will have a very, although more delicious than bubble out of some, but this is not the most delicious noodles, want instant noodles cooked delicious, most avoid is put noodle first.
Seasoning and noodle  cake are carefully seasoned, proportioned and processed, if coupled with the right operation method, then cook instant noodles will be more delicious, in the first place in a pan, add enough water, with the fire after a pot of water to boil, put noodles into the pot boiled out of 30 seconds, then the water in the pot pour out, for noodle is deep fried, boiled after surface will hike up a layer of oil, grease it affect taste, boil the noodle in the water first, this will better taste.
Pour out the boiled water, add enough water to boil, don't add the noodle after boiling, first add sauce and seasoning powder, then boil for two minutes, pleasing stay liquid into an egg, or put some green vegetables, put some sausage, and add the noodles and cook for 3 minutes or so, time must not be too long, otherwise the taste not chewiness.
The above is the correct way to cook instant noodles, with this method to cook the instant noodles, no matter it is soup or noodles are very perfect, absolutely let you eat more like, when cooking instant noodles, we can try this method, absolutely let you surprise.