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Consolidate equipment to add momentum to the development of the instant noodle food industry

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       The vast number of noodle machinery manufacturing enterprises "Equipment innovation is a sustainable driving force for the development of the instant noodle food industry. Professor Wei Yimin, from the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that this can be seen from the review of innovative products of machinery and equipment in the instant food industry that the China Foods Limited Science and Technology Society continued to promote during the China Instant Food Conference. The innovative equipment of noodle machinery manufacturing has boosted the development of the instant noodle food industry. What impressed him was the quantitative cooked fresh noodles Machine and Hot dry noodles all-in-one machine. From the current market application situation, fresh and cooked noodle equipment has been applied in most chain catering industries, adding new products to the processing kitchens in the chain catering industry in terms of noodle processing.

  Fresh cooked noodles, also known as boiled instant noodles, have more advantages compared to fried instant noodles and dried noodles. They have a shorter rehydration time, do not undergo frying, and have a refreshing taste. Long term use is beneficial to human health. The main process flow of our fresh and cooked noodles production equipment at Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. includes: vacuum mixing, one piece pressing, one continuous aging, one continuous rolling, a certain amount of cutting, one steaming, one water washing, one acid mixing, one packaging, one sterilization, and one cooling. The equipment has a reasonable structural design, strong adaptability to use, and is easy to operate in installation, use, maintenance, and other aspects.

  Innovative equipment meets people's persistent exploration of food culture and pursuit of a better life, which is conducive to the high-quality development of the instant noodle food industry. In the future, the intelligent manufacturing technology, equipment, and process control level of noodle machinery will be further improved, with broader innovation and development space.