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Common faults and troubleshooting methods for uneven weight of noodle blocks

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       The surface of roller scraper has too much debris

  1. The moisture content of the dough is uneven. Measure the moisture content of the dough and extend the kneading time.

  2. When starting up production, the rollers are too cold, and the machine should be turned on and idle before production.

  3. The gluten content in flour is too low. Increase the gluten value and mix the ingredients appropriately.

  Uneven thickness of noodle belt

  1. The distance between the two sides of the pressure roller is not equal, and the surface strip deviates. Measure the thickness of the left and right sides of the surface strip, adjust the pressure distance of the surface strip, and make the thickness of the two sides of the surface strip consistent.

  2. The noodle belt is pulled too tightly ,Photoelectric induction press down, causing the noodle belt between two sets of rollers to relax appropriately.

  Cutting and pattern forming in a disorderly and uneven

  1. The noodle knife is severely worn and the blade edge is dull. Replace the knife with a new one and use sandpaper for replacement.

  2. Is there any deviation in the position of the cutting and pattern forming machine? The position of the cutting and pattern forming machine should be slightly moved to the left or right.

  3. If there are surface chips sticking on both sides of the molding tool or different box, stop the machine to remove the surface chips.

  4. The position of the noodle dividing teeth moves unevenly, and the alignment of the noodle dividing teeth is adjusted.

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