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Classification of steaming machines for instant noodle production lines

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    Whether it is a fried instant noodle production line or a non fried instant noodle production line, steaming noodles is an important link in the production of instant noodles. The basic principle of producing instant noodles is to gelatinize the formed dough and quickly dehydrate it to obtain the product. The degree of gelatinization has a significant impact on product quality, especially rehydration. Steamed noodles play a very important role.

  There are two types of noodle steamers:

  1. According to the operating pressure

  There are two types of noodle steaming machines: high-pressure and atmospheric. High pressure noodle steaming machines can work at higher temperatures, resulting in good noodle steaming results. However, due to the requirement of sealing devices, they can only be used for intermittent production and cannot be applied to continuous industrial production. They are now rarely used, but some manual noodle production lines may use high-pressure steam kettles for noodle steaming. At present, continuous steaming noodles are commonly used in the industrial production of instant noodles.

  2. According to the operating mode

  The noodle steaming machine is mainly divided into single-layer straight channel type and multi-layer circulation type.

  1. A single-layer straight steaming machine is usually a tunnel made of stainless steel, assembled from several sections, with a length of 10m-30m. The steamer has a pot body and an upper cover, both made of stainless steel with a sandwich structure, and filled with high-quality insulation material in the middle to reduce heat loss. The upper cover can be opened manually, mechanically, or pneumatically. The top of the box cover must have a certain slope, so that the condensed water flows along the slope to the side wall of the steamer, and then flows along the side wall to the bottom of the box for discharge, to prevent condensed water from dripping on the ribbon.

  The sealing between the upper cover and the steaming machine body usually uses silicone rubber seals. As long as the quality of silicone rubber is good, the pressure on the pot cover is uniform, and the sealing effect is good. The instant noodle steaming machine manufactured by Dongfang Shangwu adopts a water tank seal, which is reliable. The box cover does not require pressure or repair or replacement, making it a better sealing method that does not require maintenance.

  2. The multi-layer reciprocating noodle steaming machine is a box type, consisting of a stainless steel frame, mesh belt tracks, box walls, and box doors. Similar to linear steamers, the walls and doors of the box are welded into a sandwich structure made of stainless steel plates, and the sandwich is filled with high-quality insulation materials, which has good thermal insulation performance. The multi-layer noodle steaming machines manufactured by Dongfang Shangwu can be divided into multi-layer side door type noodle steaming machines, multi-layer counterweight up door type noodle steaming machines, and multi-layer vertical water sealed vertical lifting noodle steaming machines. During the production process, the noodles run back and forth in the steamer and are continuously heated and steamed by steam.

    We, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., have a complete R&D process for instant noodle production lines and supply equipment to multiple large food enterprises at home and abroad. We can create good products and equipment that meet customers' needs based on the size and weight requirements of different dough blocks. We are committed to providing comprehensive system services and professional technical support to new and old customers.