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China's instant noodle market trend report in 2021

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China's instant noodle market trend report in 2021

Abstract: Chinese people have eaten fried instant noodles for more than half a century. Since it was introduced into China's market in the 1960s and 1970s, fried instant noodles have experienced ups and downs. From the 1980s, domestic manufacturers introduced fried instant noodles production lines from Japan to promote the hot sale of products throughout the country, to the fierce competition in the market caused by foreign instant noodles in the 1990s, and then after 2000, the instant noodles industry experienced rapid development, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. At present, the annual sales volume of China's instant noodle market has exceeded 40 billion packages, and many interesting industry practices have also been produced. To win the instant noodle track, it must be far from enough to rely on the traditional simple "fast filling your stomach". As consumers have thousands of choices, instant noodles, an "old team member", must also cultivate their internal skills and take the "high-end route" to better adapt to the changes of consumer needs. How to be more "high-end"? Four aspects: taste restoration, health preservation, simple operation and regional characteristics.

1. Online sales analysis of instant noodles

As a very mature and high penetration category in China's market, the market scale of instant noodles has tended to be stable. The transaction volume in 2021 is about 5% higher than that of the previous year, and the number of consumers is about 1%

2. Trend track combing

① Price

Instant noodle products with unit price less than 4 yuan: the turnover accounts for 17%, and the turnover is - 13% year-on-year

For instant noodle products with a unit price of more than 4 yuan but less than 11 yuan: the turnover accounts for 54%, with a year-on-year turnover of - 13%

Instant noodle products with a unit price greater than 11 yuan: the turnover accounts for 29%, and the turnover is + 14% year-on-year

In conclusion, it can be seen that although most of the instant noodle products with a unit price of more than 4 yuan and less than 11 yuan account for, the turnover of the instant noodle products with a unit price of more than 11 yuan per customer is increasing year-on-year, indicating that consumers are more interested in high-quality instant noodle products with high unit price per customer.

② Carding of health care track

When it comes to health preserving instant noodles, it is undoubtedly non fried instant noodles. At present, non fried instant noodles products such as "controlled addition" and "controlled card" are very hot in the market. In 2021, users increased by about 80% year-on-year, and the customer unit price is high.

The new non fried instant noodles production line with multiple technologies developed and developed by Dongfang NAOMU in combination with Japan's advanced technology can completely change the problem that the traditional non fried instant noodles can not be rehydrated quickly. The unique heat flow technology of high temperature and high wind pressure simulating rapid circulation of hot air and rapid internal circulation is adopted. The non fried instant noodles produced not only have good rehydration, but also the shape of dough and the thickness of noodles, Can be made according to the needs of customers, and the taste is much different from the traditional non fried instant noodles, which is also more in line with the people's demand for healthy instant noodles.


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