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Can noodles and eggs make pancakes?

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Can noodles and eggs make pancakes?

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The egg itself contains rich nutrition, has the very good tonic function to our human body, regardless of men and women old and young, suitable for the vast majority of people to eat, is also one of our daily edible basic food. Studies have shown that it's better for everyone to eat an egg every day to help them absorb more nutrients. Hanging noodles are also the regular ingredients of ordinary families. They are easy to store, easy to make, soft and smooth, especially suitable for cooking in short time or other temporary conditions.
Noodles and eggs are the food that most families often eat. They are the representative food that is convenient and easy to cook. Noodles can be boiled in clear water, and then mixed with a variety of sauces to make special Fried sauce noodles; You can also fry them in a pot and add stock and other ingredients to make a nutritious broth. Egg is a variety of practices, Fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, different flavor, nutrition. When noodles and eggs go together, I believe that the first impression is that there is a Q bomb in the steaming soup noodles, but what kind of special food is it? Cooked noodles eat more, Fried noodles can have what kind of unique taste? Qiansi egg cake, crisp and soft, bring a different experience to your taste buds. instant noodle production line instant noodle machine stick noodle production line noodle making machine
[dish name]: Qiansi egg cake
[ingredients]: a handful of fine noodles, 4 eggs, garlic chili sauce, cooked sesame.
[cooking process] :
Buy some fine noodles, boil the right amount of water in the pot, into the noodles, about two minutes, cook until medium.
Remove the cooked noodles and place them in a bowl of cold water. (cooked and then cooled this step can make the noodles become resilient and hard to break)
Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the pan. Divide the noodles evenly into four parts. Roll into a hollow circle and place on the bottom of the pan.
Carefully break an egg into the center of each ring, taking care not to break the egg out of the ring, keeping the whole shape.
When making the pancake, fry it slowly over a low heat. After the bottom of the circle is set, the egg has solidified on the surface, and then turn it over.
When golden brown and slightly crispy on both sides, brush both sides of the cake with a layer of garlic sauce, and sprinkle a little cooked sesame seeds, then serve. instant noodle production line instant noodle machine
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Cooking tips:
When cooking noodles, you can also add a small amount of salt to the boiling water in advance, which can not only prevent the noodles from sticking, but also increase the overall elasticity and toughness of the noodles.
If you have kids, or if you don't like spicy food, you can swap your garlic sauce for a sweet, sour tomato sauce, or a sweet, sweet bean sauce.