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CAGS released China top 10 list of stick noodle XIANGNIAN and other food brands on the list

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CAGS released China top 10 list of stick noodle  XIANGNIAN and other food brands on the list


CHINA NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF GRAIN SECTOR and other national authorities have jointly released the list of China top 50 grain and oil processing enterprises and top 10 stick noodle processing enterprises, Henan XIANGNIAN FOOD CO.,LTD, Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd and other food enterprises on the list.


CAGS released the list of strong grain and oil processing enterprises


According to a document released by the CAGS, the China grain industry association, the China grain society and the China grain economics society conducted a special survey of key enterprises among the members of the national grain industry association in order to implement the policy of supporting the development of key grain and oil enterprises, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and make them bigger and stronger.


According to the investigation, the "top 50" and "top 10" list of grain and oil processing enterprises were selected after the examination and approval of the expert committee and the public notice in the industry, so as to facilitate food associations and societies at all levels to provide targeted services for key enterprises, and actively help these enterprises strive for key support from relevant government departments and financial institutions.


In the list of strong grain and oil processing enterprises released by CAGS, the reporter has also seen the list of top 10 Noodle processing enterprises in China, including henan XIANGNIAN FOOD Co., ltd. and Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which are very familiar to consumers. XIANGNIAN FOOD is the only henan company among the top 10 Noodle processing enterprises.


XIANGNIAN FOOD into a model for the transformation of noodle enterprises


According to the reporter, this is not the first time XIANGNIAN FOOD shortlisted Chinese noodle processing enterprises top 10.In the list of the top ten noodle brands in 2015 released by the Chinese enterprise news union recently, XIANGNIAN FOOD was successfully listed.At the same time, XIANGNIAN FOOD is a famous trademark in henan province and the national demonstration project demonstration of grain and oil processing enterprises.


XIANGNIAN FOOD has made remarkable achievements in the integration of the whole agricultural industry chain. Sun jungeng, general manager of Henan XIANGNIAN group and the President of Nanyang grain association, the representatives of Henan Tian 'en Fertilizer enterprises and FUWANJIA cooperative jointly held the launching meeting of high-quality wheat planting and acquisition project, decided to create "XIANGNIAN group + cooperative + fertilizer manufacturers + base + farmers" agricultural whole industry chain integration mode of cooperation, and achieved great success.