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Basic structure of instant noodle production line equipment: steaming machine

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      Steamed noodles are an important part of instant noodle manufacturing, which involves both fried and non fried instant noodles. Steamed noodles are the process of making the corrugated surface layer gelatinize at a certain temperature and time. The degree of gelatinization affects the quality of the finished product, especially the rehydration ability of the dough.

  The steamer is mainly composed of mesh belt, chain, steam nozzle, exhaust pipe, bottom groove (with insulation layer), upper cover (with insulation layer), and frame. There are two forms of continuous conveying. One is a hollow steel plate belt with many small holes drilled on it for ventilation. Although this type of conveyor belt is easy to manufacture, it cannot drill too many small holes, resulting in poor breathability and poor steaming effect. This type of steel belt is usually made of 0 Made of 5mm thick stainless steel, the hollow steel strip is prone to deviation during operation and has a short service life. Another type is a mesh belt woven with stainless steel wire, driven by a stainless steel chain, which has good breathability, no deviation, good steaming effect, and long service life. However, its cost is higher than that of a hollow steel plate belt.

  Our company, Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd., has a complete R&D process for instant noodle production lines and supplies equipment to multiple large food enterprises at home and abroad. We can create good products and equipment that meet customers' needs based on the size and weight requirements of different dough blocks. We are committed to providing comprehensive system services and professional technical support to new and old customers.