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Baby complementary food noodles, fruit and vegetable noodles production line

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In recent years, the nutritional and health status of children has received widespread attention from the whole society. As children are in the period of growth and development, they need sufficient and comprehensive nutritional supplements. Noodles are a food with high nutrient density and are easy to absorb, so nutritional noodles specifically for children have emerged.

Children's noodles are a staple food for infants, young children, and young children. They are mainly made of wheat flour, paired with selective ingredients such as vegetables, eggs, meat, and fish, and supplemented with nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamins. They are intended for consumption by people aged 6 months and above. When making children's fruits and vegetables, various colored vegetable juices can be used instead of water to add to the dough to give it various colors, making the finished product rich in color and unique in flavor, thereby increasing appetite. For example, spinach juice can be used to make green dough, red pitaya juice can be used to make red dough, carrot juice can be used to make orange dough, and amaranth juice can be used to make pink dough. It should be noted that the amount of liquid in the original formula needs to be adjusted appropriately after adding fruit and vegetable juice. Our children's noodle production line equipment specially designed for children adopts screw extrusion molding technology combined with extrusion molds of different shapes. There are various shapes such as flowers, butterflies, shells, and spirals. The product has a realistic shape, delicate organization, smooth taste, and is easy to digest, solving the bad habit of children being picky and not fond of eating. It can also supplement various nutrients for children's bodies, making it a food choice for many mothers.

Our Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery  Co., Ltd., have established a good service system for the production line equipment of infant noodle and toddler supplementary food particle noodles, hanging noodles, and fruit and vegetable noodles. For the equipment sold to customers, we have provided comprehensive system services and professional technical support from initial consultation to plan setting, on-site visits, and later on-site installation and personnel training. We are dedicated to providing new and old customers with comprehensive system services and professional technical support.