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Are instant noodles getting more expensive?

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Are instant noodles getting more expensive?
From the development of instant noodle industry in recent years, more and more instant noodle enterprises have launched more than 5 yuan of products:
Master kong lock young consumer groups, launched a market retail price of 5 yuan "precious materials more", and love fresh feast, soup master, precious materials more three innovative products to seize the high-end market;The product line is called "the 3.0 era of instant noodle industry".Wugu dojo has also launched a market retail price of 9.8 yuan/package of "pepper and sesame chicken noodles"......
From a number of mainstream instant noodles enterprises together to power the situation, 5 yuan or more high-end instant noodles in the market is relatively popular.
Industry insiders said that the noodle giant's high-end market layout is based on two considerations: first, the noodle market growth rate is slowing down, but the competition is becoming more fierce, leading to lower gross profit margin, higher prices in the high-end market, enterprises can use this to increase profit margins;Secondly, the level of consumption in the future will have a great improvement, the introduction of high-end instant noodles is inevitable, the enterprise this move to comply with the market changes.
Industry insiders believe that the future instant noodles market will present a high-end and low-end polarization trend, product pyramid structure is becoming increasingly obvious, "before all the enterprises of instant noodles products are at the same price, there is no top products."
However, despite the above 5 yuan's high-end market is profitable, and pattern in the market at present, instant noodles, high-end to delay the instant noodles market decline to a certain extent, but high-end instant noodles is one of the big brand in its product line, have the effect of "the icing on the cake", to really turn the market around, must rely on the quality improvement of products and the improvement of production technology, transition from price competition to the concept of quality, healthy competition.
Li xian, a food industry researcher, said that high-end is a major trend in the development of China's FMCG industry, and it is feasible for instant noodle enterprises to achieve differentiated development through high-end.But also have to admit that the current China's high-end FMCG market scale is still small, plus some high-end products through market push new "high tide", but the quality of a misfit, may lead to recognition of the market for high-end products is reduced, so there is a certain risk, instant noodles on the real high-end route, still need some time.