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Application of electrical engineering automation in instant noodle production line

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Application of electrical engineering automation in instant noodle production line

The Dongfang NAOMU instant noodle production line adopts PLC control and has a high degree of automation. It basically realizes full automation from the mixing and kneading, rolling and air-cooling to the packaging section. The instant noodles produced have a short rehydration time, high quality and neat noodle shape. The oil content is adjustable, and the face is firm and smooth.

Now briefly introduce the electrical functions of each part:

I. Kneading machine system:

1. Automatically measure brine according to process requirements;

2. According to the production process setting, water addition and dough mixing are automatically completed;

3. The photoelectric switch detects the condition of the dough on the conveyor belt and informs the operator to drop the dough in time. (The time and stirring speed of each process section are set on the touch screen)



II. Compound tablet press system:

1. Feedback the height information of the dough sheet through the analog photoelectric switch, and automatically adjust the operating frequency of the laminating machine to maintain the height of the dough sheet between the laminating machine and the pressing roller;

2. The operation of the dough conveyor and the dough mixer is automatically controlled through the feedback of the material level status by the photoelectric switch in the hopper of the compound machine, so as to keep a proper amount of fabric in the compound machine;

3. It communicates with the PLC of the continuous tablet press to realize continuous and stable production according to the operation status of the tablet press.

III. Continuous tablet press system:

1. Communicate with the fryer through Ethernet, and determine the operation of the seventh group of pressing rollers according to the operating status and operating speed of the row cutting machine;

2. The remaining six groups of pressing rollers automatically adjust the operating frequency according to the height information of the dough sheet fed back by the respective analog photoelectric switches to maintain the height of the dough sheet between each group of pressing rollers;

3. The wave-making net and the face knife are automatically adjusted according to the speed of the seventh group of pressing rollers to maintain a proper waveform, and the operator can make fine adjustments on site;

4. The speed of the entire production line is based on the cut-off and is kept in sync.

IV. Fryer System:

1. According to production requirements, decide the running speed of cutting off;

2. Within the scope of process requirements, ensure the thickness, length, wave shape and gram weight of the dough sheet;

3. Maintain the synchronization of each process section in the instant noodle production line, and automatically memorize the position. Once the synchronization position is determined, even if it is manually misaligned, it will automatically track back to the synchronization state within a few seconds after returning to the system.