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Advantages of egg flavor stick noodles compared to regular stick noodles

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Adding egg yolk during noodle making not only provides a natural golden color but also adds fragrance, but also improves the puffiness of the noodle. Compared to regular noodles, egg noodles contain lecithin, which can emulsify the oil and water in the dough and increase the softness of the product. It also makes the dough structure delicate and adds unique flavor. Eggs contain rich nutrients, especially in children's pasta, which can increase nutrition.

It is worth noting that the amount of eggs used has a significant impact on the texture, color, organization, taste, and storage of dough. When used in large amounts, the texture is soft, the color is deeper, the texture is thicker, the taste is loose, and the storage time is shorter compared to ordinary noodles. When used in small amounts, the texture is hard, the color is light, the organization is fine, the taste is solid, and the storage time is longer. In addition, the amount of egg liquid added can affect the properties of the dough, such as water absorption, and also affect the stirring and fermentation process of the dough. Therefore, after adding egg liquid to the formula, the amount of other liquids should be adjusted appropriately.

When selecting, you can pay attention to the packaging instructions. The content of egg yolk powder or fresh eggs in the egg noodles can be checked. If there is no specific label, you can learn through the ingredient list. The ingredients in the ingredient list are labeled in descending order of content, and some chicken whole egg powder added to egg noodles will be presented in the ingredient list.

The main process flow of our stick noodle production line equipment at Dongfang Naomu Food Machinery Co., Ltd. includes: raw material pretreatment → dough mixing → maturation → tablet pressing → cutting → drying → measurement → packaging → inspection. The equipment has a reasonable structural design, strong adaptability to use, and is easy to operate in installation, use, maintenance, and other aspects. We will actively communicate with new and old customers and listen to improvement suggestions. From initial consultation to plan setting, equipment manufacturing, to on-site installation and personnel training in the later stage, we wholeheartedly provide comprehensive system services and professional technical support to new and old customers.