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A more diversified market for instant noodles

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The market survey found that China's instant noodle food industry will show a variety of development trends. At present, there are a variety of instant noodle products on the market. In addition to the first fried instant noodles, there are also increasing non fried instant noodles, Udon noodles, boiled noodles, Lamian Noodles noodles, dried noodles and other products entering the market. In addition, the upgrading of raw materials also began to appear, such as Soba, konjac flour and matcha green juice noodles. Dongfang Naomu is not only refining and expanding the market for instant noodle production line equipment, but also doing equipment upgrading and innovation work for researching new types of noodle food, creating a pioneer in the noodle food equipment manufacturing industry.

The rapid development of China's economy has promoted the improvement of people's living standards, and not only that, but consumer demand for food is also becoming diversified and personalized. Compared to noodle food production enterprises, flexible production of products has become a new demand. Flexible production mainly refers to the use of highly flexible production equipment for multi variety production methods. It can assist enterprises in rapid conversion of product production, allowing them to quickly adapt to market demand, thereby further increasing production capacity and improving economic efficiency of the enterprise.

When producing and manufacturing noodle making equipment, Dongfang Naomu also attaches great importance to improving the flexible production capacity of the equipment, so that our customers can diversify their production of different noodle products. In addition, improving the flexibility of equipment and the connection ability of production lines allows for dynamic combination of production lines between equipment, reducing investment costs for production enterprises and shortening production cycles.