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 Which instant noodle equipment is better?

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  Which instant noodle equipment is better?

Instant noodle products require both processing technology and equipment

  With the development of the times, instant noodles have not only pursued convenience and delicious taste. Nowadays, with the drive of market transformation and upgrading, the upgrading of dough cake processing technology, material package, and the application of automatic equipment such as dough mixers and noodle rest machines, instant noodles are inherently low-end labels, and are developing towards product diversity and health.

  Traditional instant noodles are fried corrugated noodles, and the taste and quality are different from the handmade noodles we usually eat. The new products are more close to the daily pasta products, and try to make conventional handmade pasta fast. And the noodles are kept fresh through a number of processing technologies, so that the taste of the noodles is close to that of daily pasta.

  In addition, in the large-scale production process of instant noodles, in addition to improvements in the kneading and rolling stages, many fast food brands also apply vacuum freeze-drying technology to the production of noodle cakes. It is understood that after physical sublimation in a low temperature environment, the umami and nutrition of the raw materials can be better preserved during the dehydration process of the cakes. The key is that brewed instant noodles can also achieve the effect of freshly cooked noodles. The processing of instant noodles and cakes is enabled by advanced technology, which improves consumers' eating experience of such products.

  If it is said that my country's instant noodles from the era of fried noodles to the era of non-fried noodles is a leap to the production of healthy food, the continuous improvement of the processing technology of noodles in recent years is the development process of fast food products. In addition, many companies have also successively launched large noodle cakes to achieve overtaking in corners. Seeking the market with high-quality products, the instant noodle brand has played a good hand. However, the high product pricing has always been criticized by the market, and the path of industry transformation and upgrading still needs further exploration.

  Dongfang NAOMU listens carefully to the opinions of various instant noodle food enterprises, knows the pain points, and actively improves the instant noodle machinery and equipment to meet the needs of various enterprises.