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 The general trend of instant noodle consumption

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  The general trend of instant noodle consumption

  Now the instant noodle market has risen rapidly and has become a necessity for consumers to stay at home or go out. While instant noodles bring convenience and convenience to food and household goods, it also affects people's dietary health. Coupled with the improvement of people's health awareness, it also clearly puts forward higher industry standards for the health of instant noodles and other foods in many aspects. Eat well to transform. So how should instant noodle manufacturers improve the quality of their instant noodle products?

  Since the global epidemic, in the context of the rapid development of the "home" economy, instant noodles and other convenience foods have been favored. Coupled with the occasional epidemic blockade of shops, the takeaway industry has plummeted, and instant noodles have become a necessities for stockpiling. Rapid development. According to statistics from an e-commerce platform, since February 2020, the overall sales of instant food has increased by 7 times year-on-year, and it is understood that the market size of instant food has reached 485 billion yuan. The popularity of the consumer market has made the capital market pay attention to convenience foods.

  For instant noodle companies, although new flavors and new packaging are constantly being introduced, the "upgrade" of changing the soup without changing the medicine has made the market saturated. It should start from the fundamentals, starting from the quality of instant noodle cakes and starting from the gram weight of the noodles. Seek new breakthroughs. The series of "big noodles" and "a bucket and a half" that have been launched in the market have shown that the previous small noodles have gradually lost the market. Convenience foods should conform to market trends, speed up the upgrade of "noodles" in the bowl and the replacement of instant noodle production equipment.