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  Innovation in non-fried instant noodles

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  Innovation in non-fried instant noodles

non-fried instant noodles equipment manufacturer [Dongfang NAOMU]

  Today's instant noodle products tend to be healthy and nutritious, and non-fried instant noodle products are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Previously, the group standard for "Non-fried Instant Noodles" proposed by the Hebei Food Industry Association has completed the formulation of the draft for comments, and has begun to solicit public comments. The formulation of this standard will further guide the standardized, standardized and safe production and processing of the industry, improve product taste, and ensure product health and quality.

  In today's society, instant noodles are still a fast-moving convenience food that consumers love because of their product features such as "convenient to cook, easy to eat, and economical". According to statistics, in 2019, people around the world ate 106.4 billion instant noodles, and the consumption of instant noodles in China alone exceeded 41.4 billion, accounting for nearly 39%. However, the pastry of instant noodles basically used the traditional frying process, high oil and high salt were unanimously regarded as "junk food" by the public, and instant noodle products were criticized by many people for a long time.

  With the upgrading of non-fried instant noodle machinery and equipment production lines, as well as the upgrading of dietary structure and the improvement of public awareness of healthy eating, non-fried instant noodles products are more and more popular in the market. Non-fried is mainly manifested in the process of instant noodles and cakes, mainly cooking and extrusion. In recent years, many instant noodle processing enterprises have made innovations and upgrades on the basis of adhering to the traditional non-fried process. Under the development trend of national healthy consumption, non-fried instant noodles are attracting more and more consumers with their healthier consumption concept.

  Our company, Dongfang Shangwu, carefully listens to the opinions of various noodle manufacturers, and firmly believes that with the formulation of the "Non-fried Instant Noodles" group standard, we will guide the industry to standardize and standardize production and processing, improve the overall production level of non-fried products and standardize product standard production requirements. Ensure the quality and safety of non-fried instant noodle production line, and escort the vast number of instant noodle enterprises.