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Are you cooking your noodles?

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Do you really cook noodles? These misunderstandings of cooking noodles, it is estimated that after you have seen it, you understand that you are actually doing something wrong.

First, boiling water pot

When many people cook noodles, they wait until the water is completely boiling before they start to cook. In fact, this tends to cause uneven heating of the noodles. The surface of the noodles is easy to gelatinize and stick, and the cooked noodles are not strong. In fact, you should wait for the water to heat up to just start to bubble. At this time, you will face the pot and stir the noodles clockwise. The noodles will be cooked quickly.

The boiled noodles are bouncy and Q, and the taste is excellent. Mastering the timing below will make the noodles taste 10 times better.

Second, the soup is turbid

When you cook your own noodles at home, you usually throw the noodles into the pot and find that the noodles are more and more turbid, and there are many floating white bubbles. At this time, add a small bowl of cold water to the pot, and the soup will be clear immediately. The cooked noodles are separately removed and washed with cold water to better maintain the toughness of the noodles. Adding cold water when cooking noodles can better maintain the taste of the noodles, and can also reduce the alkaline exudation of the noodles. Eating too much alkali can damage the stomach.

Third, add an excess of salt

People with heavy tastes like to add too much salt in the soup water, so that the noodles cooked in this way are better. In fact, too much salt in the noodle soup will increase the burden of cardiovascular, especially those with high blood pressure. If you want the noodles to taste fresher, it is better to add a spoonful of vinegar when cooking noodles, which can better integrate the alkaline of the noodle soup. For ordinary noodles, after adding vinegar, the noodles are whiter and the value is higher!

Fourth, the cooking no oil

Why do you cook at home and dry and simmer, but the noodles in the noodle restaurant are rooted in the roots! In fact, it is to drain the oil. The soup in the noodle restaurant contains heavy oil. The soup also contains a lot of fat, and the noodles are naturally smoother. In order to be healthy, when you cook your noodles at home, you don't have to put heavy oil, but if you put some olive oil or vegetable oil in moderation, not only the noodles cooked are not sticky, but also more delicious.

Five. Edible noodle soup

Many people are used to eating noodles with noodles or seasoning with other ingredients directly in the soup. In fact, the soup should be drained, or the noodles should be removed and seasoned with broth alone. The noodle soup contains more alkali and should not be eaten directly. If you want to noodle soup, you can use other ingredients to prepare the soup and make it healthier.

The broth can be made from pork bones and meat. If you don't want to eat too greasy and want thick soup, you can add the right amount of millet or soybean in the soup to make the soup taste more delicious.

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